Core Virtues

Core Virtue LogoCore Virtues – 2020/2021

RMAE incorporates the Core Virtue education program into our daily life.  

The Core Virtues Foundation is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization based in Hanover, N.H. and founded by Mary Beth Klee, Ph.D.  - Core Virtue Foundation Website Link

Core Virtues 
is a character education program that promotes civility, respect for the human person, and human excellence in every way.  The word virtue, in fact, derives from the ancient Greek philosophical tradition and means excellence.  It is our best hope for a brighter future.

The program objective is to ignite the imagination of the young, inspiring them to do and be their best.
  The program is a catalyst for academic success because it encourages the habits of the mind and heart that are necessary for quality scholarship. 

Cycle of Virtues - Year 2

with grade level definitions


September: Respect and Responsibility
  • Kindergarten to Sixth Grade:
    Responsibility is doing your part for the groups that make us whole.

October: Self-Control and Self-Discipline
  • Kindergarten to Sixth Grade:
    Self-control is stopping to think about my actions before I enact them!
  • Kindergarten to Sixth Grade:
    Self-discipline is applying ourselves to our tasks. 

    Self-discipline is giving the best of ourselves, and saying “no” to our weaknesses.

November: Wonder
  • Kindergarten to Second Grade:
    Wonder is to stop and say: “Wow!” 
  • Kindergarten to Sixth Grade: 
    Wonder is to delight in beauty and mystery. 

    Wonder is the first step on the path to knowledge.
  • Third to Sixth Grade:
    Wonder is to marvel at mystery, to stand in awe before the unexplained.  
December: Charity
  • Kindergarten to First Grade:
    Charity is caring, and working to be kind.

    Charity is giving of heart and soul and mind.
  • Kindergarten to Sixth Grade:
    Charity is the root and mother of all the virtues.
  • Second to Sixth Grade:
    Charity is Love.

    Charity is self-less giving to those in need.
January: Courage
  • Kindergarten to Sixth Grade: 
    Courage is doing what is right in the face of fear.
    Courage is moving beyond fear.
    Courage is finding the strength to venture and persevere.

February: Love of Country
  • Kindergarten to Sixth Grade:
    Love of Country means being devoted to our nation—loving its ideals, honoring its heroes, respecting its past, and working hard for a just and noble future.

March: Faithfulness
  • Kindergarten to Sixth Grade: 
    Faithfulness is standing by those we love, those we serve, and what we believe.

April: Graciousness and Courtesy
  • Kindergarten to Sixth Grade: 
    Graciousness is acting kindly, courteously, and making another feel special.
    Courtesy is showing respect through kindness, politeness, and consideration of the other.

May: Joy
  • Kindergarten to Sixth Grade: 
    Joy is the fullness of spirit that blooms from the loving heart.

June: Lives to Learn From
  • Kindergarten to Sixth Grade:
    Learn from those who act well, think well, forge new paths, and seek a better world.

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