Remote Learning 4th

April 7-10 Hi Parents,

 This week we are adding Social Studies to our workload. Books are still outside my door if you need to pick them up, or you can go to the Core Knowledge website and download the book there.
Zoom time has been reduced: Wednesdays only have 2 specials each week for a total of one hour. This is an " A week"  meaning we have art  and music from 9-10. I will not have a homeroom Zoom on Wednesdays either. But will still have Math.  The other specials will have office hours but no new instruction. On "B weeks" 4th grade will have P.E. and tech ( 8-9) and Spanish on Tuesday ( 1:30-2:00).*Zoom meetings will now require a password to get in. I will set it up so the password will be embedded in our link. It is secure because students now access Zoom from their Google Classroom Calendars.
Math: Ms. Gordon and I decided the best way to test will be to guide students through the test on Zoom. Students will need to have their remote learning notebooks to write their answer in as we go.  If  you are able to print, please have your child set with their test for our zoom time Tuesday at 10:00. If you miss our Zoom meeting, your child will need to take the pdf test at home and go over it with you. Thank you.
*Please note, chapters 10-13 will include two lessons a day. I have already instructed these concepts anticipating our State testing. In order to not increase homework, students will only have to do the odd problems on both sides of the homework pages for both lessons. 
Young Writers' Stories: It is a much more tedious process to revise these stories online. I have expended the due date to April 16 when we will have our own Young Writers' sharing time during Zoom. My goal is to have their writing check with comments for them to finalize and print tomorrow. Please remember to move the right margin in 2 inches, double space in 14 font in order for their writing to fit into their books. 
Science Innovation Day Project: Please continue to follow the SID Notebook for this project. I will help pace you and your child with this process. This week is researching your child's topic. Please check your child's comments in Google Classroom from me. Many students have changes in order to make this a question to investigate using the scientific method. This is not just a research project. The research is just to help them make an educated guess for their hypothesis and plan their investigation. 
I hope to keep emails down as our remote learning is becoming more routine now. But please feel free to email with any further questions. 
3/31/20 Hi Amazing Parent -Teachers!
" We are all in this together." and We've got this!
Flexibility is key during all this remote learning. Please don't stress if your child misses a Zoom class. The biggest thing is for students to continue learning. If they continue to follow my daily planner and check in with you on their work, they will accomplish what they need to be successful in 5th grade next year. I am so pleased as to where everyone is with their skills and understanding of my expectations. They can do this work, but keeping everyone accountable is where I need your eyes. Thank you.
Zoom classes right now are still a learning experience and time to connect as a class.
We all miss each other! With each try I should get more and more proficient at instructing online. For now it has been a good place for everyone to check in and get questions answered in one spot together. I am hopeful to get math moving along on Zoom. My colleagues are reporting similar issues playing our math videos etc. as what I am experiencing. 
Attendance: Students will continue to need to respond daily on Google Classroom to answer an attendance question. Please make sure your child does this by 3 p.m. each day. 
Google Classroom: This is a good place for me to add comments for student work and give grades, quizzes etc. I will use this more and more. Yet, I am still learning this as well. So daily check-ins here are important. RIght now just attendance and Young Writers' story due:
To attach a document on google classroom:
1.) Under "Your Work"  Press "Add or Create"
2.) Press Google Drive
3.) Pick the google doc to attach and press "Add"
Students should be able to practice math facts daily on xtramath. I hear many of you are still struggling with this. I have a handful of you who are on. So that is encouraging!
Please practice facts any way you'd like if you are still not able to get on. This is not at the top of my priorities yet, but I am working on this.
My goal is to create more fun-hands-on ways to learn and not be on the computer all day. So expect some fun science activities and supplemental social studies videos too. 
These will eventually be on Google Classroom.
Finally, I need you to look into downloading the Core Knowledge Social Studies Book from the Core Knowledge Website. I would like to assign reading for Medieval Europe. Please see if this is something you can access. It will however, mean time reading on the computer. I will start to assign this next week so students don't miss out on this important Core Knowledge content. 
Thank You. My Head is spinning too. Stay healthy and safe Tracee

Fourth Grade Weekly Schedule

  • Core instruction is 10:00- 12:00 Tuesday through Friday

  • Every Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday, and Friday, your students will log into a zoom, hosted by me, for core instruction

  • On core Instruction days:( In this order)

  •  Pledge

  • Math

  •  Lang. Arts

  • Social Studies

  • Science

  • Fourth grade has specials on two days.

  •  Tuesday is Spanish at 1:30-2:00. 

  • Wednesday: Wednesday is our big “Specials Day.”

  • We have Four Specials (they will all be recorded)

  • P.E. 8:00-8:30

  • Tech 8:30-9:00

  • Music 9:00-9:30

  • Art 9:30-10:00

  • Specials teachers will send their own independent links for their classes

After core instruction ends at noon, I will take a lunch break. Then I will schedule individual, and small group meetings through ZOOM for students/parents that may need support. (think 15 minutes long)

  • If you can not do all Zooms don’t worry! I will record core instruction, and post it on google classroom.

We will continue reading our Core Novels

We will continue Random Acts of Kindness

Please have your student log on with their Go-math book open and ready.

Please be sure they have a pencil and one of their spirals to write in

Please be sure they have King Arthur, and their social studies book on their desks ready to go.

Please remind your student to be dressed for the day, no P.J.’s-

They do not have to do dresscode, they need to be ready to learn, and dressed. Remind them they are on a screen, no toys, etc. 

Thursday March 19, 2020

Remote Learning Update

Parents, give yourself and your children a huge standing ovation. We all made it through our first attempt with remote learning. It will only get easier from here. We have a week to recover and hopefully by then I will have everything perfected- at least I am going to try!!!

Please respond to verify that your child has completed his/her work for the week. I will be entering these assignments into Infinite campus for classwork participation grades and Math homework.

Math: 9.2-9.5

  • Reading:

 Reading Street Antarctic Journal:

  •  Response questions in Response Journal  p 602

  • Grammar Latin Roots p93-96 

  • Spelling Comparative and Superlative p93-96

King Arthur Chapter 10-13 summary paragraphs in Response Journal 

  • Science Innovation Day Notebook p1-5

  • Colorado Book p 0-7

****Young Writers’ Story Final Draft should be revised and typed into Google and attached as an assignment in Google Classroom by March 31. ( I would love to have these earlier so I can make final revisions there for each student before printing and publishing their books after Spring Break.) 

 *Students will be tested on their math understanding by submitting their answers to the MId Chapter Checkpoint in a Google Quiz after Spring Break. There will be an Essay to prove their understanding of King Arthur when we finish the book. Chapter summaries will help them write their  essay. 

Thanks again for all your support and enjoy some good family time together during Spring Break.


March 18, 2020

 I am so impressed with everyone who has been able to access our Google Classroom and enter in our ZOOM meeting.  It was so fun to see everyone’s smiling faces. I miss my wonderful students!

Today’s updates:

  • Zoom invitation was sent for a 1:00 Check in and GO Math Lesson. Invitations are sent to student emails and the link is also on Google Classroom in the calendar for 3/19 at 1:00.

  • Google Classroom is set daily for attendance with a question/activity. 

  • Google Classroom is the way to submit student’s Young Writers’ Stories. The assignment is created there and ready for stories to be submitted. I’d love to start reading them as soon as possible. I can give students comments before publishing so they are ready to start publishing after Spring Break. 

  • I am going to set up a Google page for you to verify the work your child has completed this week. No need to submit anything else this week.

  • Unfortunately, as I am sure you expected, the Young Writers’ Conference has been cancelled. However, we will still find a way to celebrate our Young Writers when their books are all published. 

  • Please don’t hesitate to email with any question

Stay Healthy,


March 17, 2020

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Update on Remote Learning:

This week is an experimental week as we are all learning and adjusting to this new learning situation. Your children have what they need to complete everything without a computer for this week, but we need to start practicing with the tools we will be working with if this Remote Learning continues after Spring Break. 

  1. Attendance:  Students will need to check in daily in Google Classroom to be counted as “present” for a day of school. 

  2. I am in the process of creating a NEW GOOGLE CLASSROOM -just for my students NOT the one we practiced on for both Ms. Gordon’s and Mrs. Vickery’s classes. I will email you today, once that is set up. My goal is for every student to go into our Google Classroom  by the end of today for today’s attendance.

  3. ZOOM: This is Video Teaching Live. I will be able to instruct live and if your child cannot connect during the live session it will be recorded. I am hoping this will help with math. I am trying to connect the Math “Fox” video on ZOOM to introduce lessons.

  4. Remind Texting App. I will use this for texting communication. I am hoping to get that set up today as well.

  5. Xtramath. I understand many of you are having difficulties with this. This is not a priority at this point, but I will work on this as well. In the meantime, any form of practicing math facts is great. All students love the card game: Multiplication/Addition War. Play a game of that with your child or have them play with a sibling for a fun way to practice without adding to screen time.

  6. If your child can type his/her Young Writer’s Story on Google, I will be able to help revise and edit it on Google Classroom once that is set. ( Please have your child read the yellow sheets about paragraphing and dialogue for correct indentation when typing their draft. Thank you!)

*I appreciate everyone's’ patience. Tech is not my forte, but I am excited about trying all these new ways to teach.  I hope you all have fun with this style of learning too and that we can feel connected even when we are apart. Please don’t hesitate to contact me as questions arise.  

March 15, 2020

Dear Parents,


I was so pleased with my class on Friday. They all worked so hard to collect materials needed for their “Go Bags” and record work in their planners for their At- Home learning. Ms. Gordon and I prepared our students with materials for this next week without needing to work online. However, we will update you on the requirements for Remote Learning and address accountability for students and teachers, attendance protocols, and overall communication. 

We are all being trained remotely tomorrow,  and I will update you as soon as I know the expectations. Until then, please help make sure your child is completing the work listed in his/her planner. I will include the schedule below as well.

 The assignments are all things that students should be comfortable doing independently with just some check- in form you. For math, please check the “Share and Show” problems. If your child doesn’t get those correct please go back and work through the previous introductory pages of the lesson. Also check their homework before proceeding to the next day's lesson so students are not practicing incorrectly. Thank you!

Thank you for your support during this uncertain time. Stay healthy and enjoy some good family time during this time of social distancing.

Tracee Vickery

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