Weekly Plans

8th Grade

Please note: These come directly from my lesson plans. Some of the language/notes may not be familiar or make sense, and that is okay. Also note that this is subject to change and is no way set in stone. Life and learning changes plans consistently. If you missed a day, you MUST come and talk to me/email me once you return to school to get your missing work. 


Week 3


No School (Labor Day)

Vocab test!

Review plot map and terms


Read Heidegger in table groups

Finish comprehension questions

Due at the end of class

Warm up:

Which is more humane: life in prison or the death penalty?

Class discussion

Small groups/class

Read aloud: The Bet

Lit Circles: explain roles (make ppt) and have one for the bet

Week 4


Lockdown drill-- no class

Conflict ppt-- explore different types of conflict

Read in class: God Sees the Truth but Waits

Point of View Lesson

Elements of plot scavenger hunt


Week 5


Block all week

Plot diagram: go over in a small groups- fill out as a class then small group for the short stories we've read so far.

Read aloud an honest thief

How do we write a level 4 short response answer?

Short response questions/outline: Get ready for timed writing next class

Write goal at the top of the paper before you begin

Write the short response for The Cold Equations

Hand in plan and response-- Google Classroom

Go over rubric and give yourself a grade for the writing you did

Watch The Cold Equation

No school

Week 6


Warm up #15

Outlining an essay -

Introduce meaning of life in class essay

How to outline notes

Thesis notes

Hand out outline and planning packet- begin planning in class

Warm up 17

Topic sentence activity- how to write strong TPS

Sequencing map or outline notes

Continue writing outline

Warm up #16

Meaning of life short essay test

Write a goal for your warmup

Read when finished

End of unit survey

Week 7


Short story post test

Do actions always determine if you’re a good or bad person?

How does the environment impact characters for better or worse?

What is characterization?

How is descriptive writing different from narrative writing?

Hand out first round of vocab

Read chapter one together: keep track of character traits on GO

2 vocab activities due next class

Trading cards: introduce and start

What are the different ways we learn about characters? STEAL acronym

Grammar: different types of sentences (simple, compound, complex)

Types of characterization

Read chapter 3

Sentence combining worksheet

Read chpt 4-6 for next class and continue trading cards