7th - Classwork

7th Grade Classwork

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You will receive a participation grade based on being in class on-time daily and completing
work by the due date.

If you miss a class period, please check here to see what you missed. You will have 2 days
to complete missed work for each day that is excused.
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Newspaper projects due
Gallery walk to review papers
Review for quiz

10/16 and 10/17
- Quiz on America Becomes a World Power unit
- Panama Canal video and discussion 

Quarter 2 - Oct. 22 - Dec. 19

World War I

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​10/18 and 10/19
- Review America Becomes a World Power Quiz
- Map of WWI using textbook and atlas
- Read pages 684-687 in textbook for background information on the causes leading up
to WWI. This will give you a better understanding of our in-class activities next class. 
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Kahoot to review map and textbook notes 
- Prediction Paragraph - due 10/23 or 10/24
Write a paragraph predicting why World War I will begin. You can include why European
countries are angry at each other, what will spark the start of the war, how the information
learned in our last unit will impact WWI, etc. If you have prior knowledge about the war, you
are welcome to use that.
                - should be in claim, support, commentary, support, commentary, conclusion format
                                - supports should be predictions
                                - commentaries should explain what facts back up the predictions
                - graphic organizers are on the cork board by the phone if you want to use one to
                - final draft -- highlight the parts of the paragraph

10/23 and 10/24
- Return newspapers and talk about long-term projects (organization, editing, requirements,
-  Brainstorm IMPERIALISM -- what’s leading up to 1914 – chronology important
            US gaining countries and improving its industry (Industrial Revolution 1760-1840 to
                    Panama Canal)
            Spanish Empire fighting for power in Europe
- Read pages 8-11 in orange First World War book and take group notes
                        Should get:
                       Germany: building empire, strengthening industry, navy and gaining colonies
                              in Africa
                        Austria-Hungary Empire, France, Russia, Italy all wanting more world power
                             and status
                        Alliances forming:
                                    Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire
                                              (kind of Italy)
                                    Allies/Triple Entente: Britain, France, Russia (Italy is two-faced)
- National Pride as our first theme – Lecture with power point
- Work time to complete the following:
     1. British Empire article
     2. Italy Becomes a Nation: Garibaldi -- Found poem


​10/25 and 10/26