7th - Homework

7th Grade Homework

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Due 10/15 - Final newspaper will all elements finalized. Please see attached document. 
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10/16 and 10/17  - America Becomes a World Power unit quiz

Quarter 2 - Oct. 22 - Dec. 19

World War I

Due 10/22 - Read pages 684-687 in textbook for background information on the causes
leading up to WWI. This will give you a better understanding of our in-class activities
next class. 

 Due 10/23 or 10/24 - Prediction Paragraph 
Write a paragraph predicting why World War I will begin. You can include why European
countries are angry at each other, what will spark the start of the war, how the information
learned in our last unit will impact WWI, etc. If you have prior knowledge about the war,
you are welcome to use that.
                - should be in claim, support, commentary, support, commentary, conclusion format
                                - supports should be predictions
                                - commentaries should explain what facts back up the predictions
                - graphic organizers are on the cork board by the phone if you want to use one to
                - final draft -- highlight the parts of the paragraph