8th - Classwork

8th Grade Classwork

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You will receive a participation grade based on being in class on-time daily and completing
work by the due date.

If you miss a class period, please check here to see what you missed. You will have 2 days
to complete missed work for each day that is excused.
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Quarter 2 - Oct. 22 - Dec. 19

Decline of European Colonialism
        Creation of the People's Republic of
China - side 2 of curriculum guide

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- Breakup of the British Empire Quiz

10/16 and 10/17
- Map of China
- Geography and Language lecture
- Opium Wars reading
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10/18 and 10/19
- Review quiz
- Debate - moral and legal justifications on Opium Wars

- Watch Discovery Education video on China - Boxer Rebellion, Creation of Rep. of China,
Creation of PRC
Sun Yat-Sen reading and questions
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10/23 and 10/24 
Warm up: Turn in Sun Yat-Sen reading/questions
Lecture on Boxer Rebellion and Sun Yat-Sen
The Good Earth –  activity
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10/25 – split block
- Work on Good Earth Quote Analysis
- Read intro and Chap 1 in MLD – compare to intro in Good Earth
- HW: Finish reading chapter 1 (due 10/29 or 10/30)

10/26 – All in English for Outsiders Day
Turn in quote analysis
- Communism v. capitalism game

10/29 and 10/30 
- Timeline showing the fall of the Qing Dynasty (this should be review) and the rise of the
Nationalist Party and Communist Party.
- Review Capitalism v. Communism
- Read article on China’s coal – homework is comparison paragraph.
- Read chapters 2 and 3 in Mao’s Last Dancer. Finish for homework
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10/31 and 11/1
- Lecture on Communists take power (Long March through Great Leap Forward)
             Review ideas of poverty, tradition, boys, pride/family name from intro and chapter
- Review chapters 2 and 3 in MLD
- HW: Read chapters 4 and 5
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No School for Students on 11/2

Cultural Revolution lecture
Review chapter 4- Tibet, old ways v. new ways (cult rev.): marriage, religion, property, punishment, propaganda 
HW: Read Chap 6

11/6 and 11/7
Warm up: read chapter 7
Lecture on Lin Biao and Confucius
Read chap 8
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11/8 and 11/9
Warm up: Get out your project sheet.
Open Note Quiz
Read 9 in class, 10 and 12 homework --  SKIP CHAPTER 11
Look for Lin Biao, Confucius, self-criticisms, censorship, Nixon, teacher disappears,
end goal of communism