7th Grade Weekly Plans

As of 3/16, all course materials and content have been moved to Google Classroom for remote learning. 

Week 1: 3/16-3/22 

Due: World War II Newsela 


World War II Newsela  Book club books-- reference the schedule you made with your group. 7A needs to be reading 125 pages a week to keep up with schedule.

Book of the Quarter

Writing: 7B: Book Club folders 

Watch: N/A

Zoom Meeting Times (you must come to one, or watch it later on your own time): 

Thursday: Lesson on Jewish Resistance @ 11. Come prepared to take notes. Wednesday/Thursday: 7B come up with a time for your book club to meet in your Google Hangouts and we'll start a zoom session. It must be before 3PM. 

7A: The Book Thief Discussion Thursday at noon.