7th Grade Weekly Plans

Monday 1/6

New Years Letters to Ourselves:

What do you want to tell yourself from the beginning of the year, and what do you want to tell yourself going into next year? Write two letters: One to your past self that just survived 2019 and one to your future self who will be living in 2020.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6olqsC9NVA8

Due at the end of class! 


Tuesday/Thursday 1/7-8

Personal Narrative Unit Starts

Essential Question: Why is it important to tell our stories? 

What are the qualities of a personal narrative?

Students will be able to identify the identifying qualities of a personal narrative by reading and analyzing mentor texts. 

 *** This shouldn't just be a good story. It should SHOW something about WHO YOU ARE

The Power of Personal Narratives: Watch Video


  • What three pieces of advice does he give his audience about writing a personal narrative?

Start with reading the "Perfectionism" chapter from Bird By Bird Brainstorming: Write down your life story starting at the top of one page. See GC for the powerpoint that has specific instructions for this activity. HW: Finish anything not done in class (brainstorm listing of life moments) Thursday/Friday 1/9-10 Google Classroom #019:

Read "Conquering my fear" and "facing my Fear"

With compare/contrast chart and conclusion questions


Google Classroom Assignment #018: Slow Motion Writing. Instructions and examples are on Google Classroom. Due 1/10 EOD

HW: Bring in a photo that is important to you or shows something about your life. Or just a picture you like for Monday's class. Finish anything not done in class. Monday 1/13 Photo memoir: write a six word memoir based on your photo. See slides 8-11 on this PDF for instructions. HW: I want you to have at least 5 different six word sentences for your picture. They don't all need to be good, they just need to exist and show that you put in effort. Tuesday/Wednesday 1/14-15 Review from Monday: continue work on six word memoirs and slow motion writing Read "School Lunches" chapter in Bird by Bird (pages 38-41) Write about school lunches/food. Mrs. O'Connor's example. (It is messy, but it is a first draft, so that's okay!) Read "Ode to My Kitchen" -- notice the style, discuss the choices Woodson made, what is she writing about and how is she doing it. Write mimicking this form/style that she uses in this passage. HW: Finish any writing you did in class and want to continue. At this point in time, you should have in your notes: 1. List of life moments 2. One or two moments from list #1 detailing the specific moment 3. Slow motion writing 4. Name reflection and writing 5. Six word memoir 6. Food writing/memory 7. Ode to My Kitchen mimic writing Thursday/Friday 1/16-17 Grammar Party #6: Complete sentences, run-on sentences, and fragments. Notes and practice are on Google Classroom under Grammar Party Anchor text mentor writing on Grandma's Kitchen Table.pdf (Write about a specific place/object that holds a memory and go into detail on it) HW: Continue refining any pieces you've written that you enjoy and like. We'll go over the final assignment on Tuesday/Thursday No school Monday Tuesday/Wednesday 1/21-22 Class time to complete assignment #020 on Google Classroom about Grammar Party #6 Introduce final assignment for the personal narrative unit Go over the rubric and how to get an A. In a lot of depth. If you missed this day, PLEASE be sure to review the rubric and ask questions if you have them. Start to pick out our final three pieces for the final project. Work time to edit, write, and compile the writing. HW: If you haven't picked your three pieces you're going to use and the theme you've decided on, you need to have that on Thursday. Do assignment #020 if you didn't in class.