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Week of 9/9/19- 9/13/19

Math: We completed Chapter 1: Number Concepts and took our assessment.

Literacy: We read “Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night” and reviewed how to read consonant blends in words. We also learned about synonyms, character and setting, and reviewed long vowel sounds. Children also completed their first “Fresh Read.” “Fresh Reads” are short stories that students read while being timed for a minute. After they finish reading the story, they answer questions about the story. The goal of “Fresh Reads” is to improve fluency and comprehension. We encourage you to have your child practice reading the same stories at home with you. Challenge them to improve their WPM (words per minute) while still reading with accuracy, inflection, and a proper pace.

The second graders learned about predicates and practiced identifying them in sentences. They also finished editing their space stories and wrote their final drafts.

Core Knowledge Social Studies: We continued to learn about geography. We finished our “All About Maps” books, practiced using Atlases to look up information with partners, reviewed landforms taught in first grade and learned about new ones.

Core Virtues/RAK: This week we visited the school library for the first time. While we were there we read a book called, “Interrupting Chicken.” We discussed that that interrupting is not showing respect to others. While we were in the library, we also discussed library expectations and had a chance to look around.


-Scholastic Book Orders are due September 25th.

-There is no school for children next Friday, September 20th due to a Teacher In-Service Day.

-A Google Doc Sign-Up for parent/teacher conferences will be sent out soon.

-We will be visiting the Butterfly Pavilion on Monday, October 7th to enhance our Life Cycles and Insects unit that we will be studying this year.

-The Fire Department will be visiting RMAE on Tuesday, October 8th for Fire Safety Week.

-Field Day is on Wednesday, October 9th.

Have a great weekend!

Week of 9/3/19- 9/6/19

Math: This week we continued Chapter 1: Number Concepts and focused on expanded form, different ways to write numbers and different names for numbers.

Literacy: We read a nonfiction piece called, “Exploring Space,” reviewed long vowel sounds and syllable patterns, and discussed the main idea and details as our comprehension strategy for the week.

Grammar/Writing: In grammar we learned about what the subject of a sentence is. During our writing block, we introduced the writing process, starting with a “Bubble Map” to organize our ideas. The topic was “If I were an astronaut, what would I bring into space with me?” After creating a bubble map of our ideas we started writing a rough draft.

Core Knowledge Social Studies:
Maps and Globes-The second graders learned that maps and globes are convenient ways to show location and some of the human and physical characteristics of our planet. We reviewed our continents, oceans, map keys and compass rose.

Core Virtues/R.A.K.: The students participated in a “Ripples of Kindness” activity. They learned basic ways to show kindness and respect in the classroom and learning environment. The students listened to the story “​Each Kindness”​ by Jacqueline Woodson. It was about a girl’s choices and how they impacted another girl in her class. As they listened, they were asked to pay careful attention to the choices that were made and to the acts of kindness and respect (or disrespect). We then talked about how the choices the girls made impacted the new student. The extension activity was called the “Kindness Pond.” Each student took a small stone and shared something kind they had done that day or recently. Then they dropped the stone in the water to demonstrate the ripple effect of their kind act.

S.T.E.M.: No S.T.E.M this week

-Scholastic Book orders are due Sept. 25. Ordering is simple! Just go to then enter the class code. If you are new to Scholastic, you can sign up for a free!
Class Codes: Grose- HFKGL or Scheid Q8HYX

-Thank you to everyone who attended Back to School Night! Please let us know if you have any additional questions. If you were unable to make it, information given out will be in your child’s Friday Folder.

-Starting next week, we will be sending home a reading log activity, a spelling list and spelling practice ideas in a red folder. The folders will be sent home on Mondays and due back on Fridays, Spelling tests will be given on Fridays.

-RMAE will be having a Spelling Bee Thursday Oct. 10th. A list of words is in your child’s Friday Folder. We will be having a pretest using the ten highlighted words on Monday. The top spellers from each grade will participate in the Spelling Bee.

Week of 8/26- 8/30

Math: This week we started Chapter 1: Number Concepts and focused on even/odd numbers and place value.

Literacy: We read a realistic story called, “Iris and Walter,” reviewed short vowel sounds and syllable patterns, and discussed main idea and details as our comprehension strategy for the week.

Grammar/Writing: We reviewed how to write a correct sentence, reflected and wrote about the upcoming school year, and wrote and designed a pennant about ourselves.

Core Knowledge: The second graders learned the story components of tall tales (fiction folktale, exaggerations, larger than life characters, amazing childhoods, many took place on the Frontier) and listened to several famous examples.

Core Virtues/R.A.K.: We listened to the story “Enemy Pie.” We also used 2 apples to represent what happens to people when they are bullied. The children took turns saying kind words to one apple and means words to a different apple. When we cut open the apples, the children saw that one apple was bruised from the mean comments and one apple was not bruised on the inside. The apples served as a visual and reminder that more and more hurt and damage happens if nobody does anything to stop bullying.

S.T.E.M.: The children had a blast working in small groups using apples and other materials to build an Apple Annihilator! The goal was to build a “wrecking ball” that could knock over some markers .


-Back to School Night is on Wednesday, September 4th. We hope to see you all there!

-Picture Day is Thursday, September 5th.

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!

Week of 8/19 - 8/23

What a great first week! I feel very special to have each and every one of your kids in my class! They are an amazing group of kids and it makes this year really exciting for me.

This week we got to know each other as well as learn and practice our classroom expectations. We took the beginning of the year writing sample, Dibels Reading Assessment, NWEA MAP math, and the beginning of the year Go Math assessment. In addition to this, we discussed, our Core Virtues (Respect and Responsibility) and how to be a good friend, played some team building games, played math games, and read a few fairy tales from Core Knowledge. test results will be used for differentiation grouping in the classroom and shared during October Parent/Teacher conferences. Friday Folders will be sent home today and every Friday. Please empty out all of the papers and return the folder on Mondays.

Next week we will:

*Begin sending math homework (due back the next day)

* Ease into our Literacy Centers

*Start math

* DRA Reading Assessments

* NWEA Reading Assessments (Wednesday)

*Continue to read Core Knowledge fairy tales and tall tales

See you all at Back to School Night on Tuesday, September 3rd!

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