8th - Classwork


Quarter 1

Full Middle School rules, stations, lockers 
PLT/Green School buddies with 3rd grade
Get to know you activities and kickball

Civics and the Constitution

8/21 and 8/22
- Skittles get to know you game
- Rules and syllabus
- Review of 7th grade curriculum + Pictionary
- Chronological order within each unit and 1 sentence summary of each subtopic for returning students
- Summary of 7th grade Core Knowledge curriculum sheet for new 8th graders
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8/23 and 8/24
- Civics and the Constitution curriculum guide
- Schoolhouse Rock videos
- Textbook reading and notes p. 198-210 and 215-218
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​- Turn in homework
- NWEA Language Usage

- NWEA Reading

​- 100 Elk
9/4 and 9/5
- Finish scavenger hunt
- Overview of Constitution Lecture
- Categorizing amendments + research famous court cases that were based on federal amendsNeed to turn in a description of the court case and how it could have been interpreted differently. Homework if not finished
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9/6 and 9/7
- Bill to Law v. Amendment lecture  
- Finish and turn in Categorizing Amendments
-After completing the Categorizing Amendments sheet, research one famous court case that was based on a single amendment in the Bill of Rights. Turn in a description of the court case (about 5 sentences) and how it could have been interpreted differently than the actual outcome (about 2 sentences).
- Recurring Constitutional Issues 
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- The Answer Is… Activity based on Recurring Constitutional Issues
      Group responses and reflections 
Strict v. Loose Construction of the Constitution – homework cartoon summary - Due 9/11 or 9/12
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9/11 and 9/12
- Review Bill of Rights, Constitutional Issues, and strict v. loose construction 
What is the role of the Supreme Court in relation to the Constitution?
Electoral College lecture then simulation 

9/13 and 9/14
- iCivics – any 3 games and writing reflection
- Study Skills and stations to study

​9/17 and 9/18
- Group review - Jeopardy

Unit 2 - Decline of European Colonialism
Breakup of the British Empire

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9/19 and 9/20
- Civics and the Constitution Unit Test
- World Map and India & South Asia Map  - complete and keep 
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