6th Grade - Art

Welcome to middle school art!

Students are required to have their sketchbook and a pencil in class every day.

For the Core Knowledge art curriculum students will look at: the art of Classical Greece and Rome, the Gothic period, the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical, Romantic and Realism. My Core Knowledge PowerPoint is in the files below and there is a booklet in the art room with all the Core Knowledge presentations. If a student misses a class on a Tuesday they are expected to get the information they missed from one of the resources. Students should be able to explain the characteristics of the period being covered, identify works of art/architecture, and the artist if known. The quizzes will be open note.

What We Are Doing Now:

Students are just finishing a one point perspective project.

Wednesday Art Projects:

On Wednesdays students work on different projects. Next week we will practice drawing and shading spheres, then use oil pastels to illustrate our own version of Snowmen at Night. We completed a haunted house project with oil pastel and watercolor resist. Students made Watercolor Rainstorms for Original Works. Prior to that they drew A Story on a Vase. 6th graders have been studying the art of Classical Greece and Rome.  We looked at black figure pottery and talked about how the Greeks told narratives on the pots, often stories from mythology.  The pots were usually decorated with patterns as well as the figures.  Students brainstormed stories from books and movies.  They selected a scene to illustrate on a vase style of their choice.  Finally they added patterns to complete the image. 

Core Knowledge Curriculum:
We are currently studying Baroque art. So far we have looked at the art and architecture of Classical Greece and Rome, the Gothic Period, and the Renaissance. 
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