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Posted on 02/02/2018

Classroom News 

3rd Grade - Cow eye dissection -  A cow eye is very similar to the eye of a human. By dissecting and examining the anatomy of a preserved cow eye, students learn how their own eyes form images of the world and send these images to their brains.  

Cow Eye Dissection     Cow Eye Dissection

4th & 5th Grade - CELL-A-BRATION - As the culminating activity on our study of cells, 4th and 5th grades had a “CELL-A-BRATION.”  Each student brought in an edible model of either a plant or animal cell.  The students then enjoyed eating their concoctions! 

Cell-A-Bration 1     Cell-A-Bration 2

Cell-A-Bration 3     Cell-A-Bration 4

6th Grade - During 6th grade math the students made their own math games.  They created a game that related to one math concept that we have covered so far this school year.  They had to be able to re-teach or reinforce an objective we have learned already this year.  We invited 4th and 5th grades to our classroom to share in their amazing math games!          

Math Games     Math Games

8th Grade Technology - 8th Grade students get into the nuts and bolts of programming and robotics in Tech Class with Mr. Dunbar. Every week 8th grade students add a new skill to their robotics tool box. This week, the  focus was on complex actions with loops, switches, and color sensors. Each group learned how to program their robot to follow a black electrical tape line. This may seem like a simple idea but it actually requires a fair amount of complex programming.  In many ways, these are similar programs to that of  NASA's Curiosity Rover on Mars.

Tech Robotics     Technology Robotics

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