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Posted on 03/09/2018

Classroom News

Kindergarten - We had an end of the unit Asia party!  The kids practiced using chopsticks and had a little taste of asian food.  

KG Asia Day     KG - Asia Day

3rd Grade - Native American Day Festival - We started with 3 Folktale Plays, Possum's Tail, Wihio's Duck Dance, and The Cannibal Monster which told stories from different tribes on how "Things came to be."

3rd grade Native American Festival     3rd Grade Native American Festival
Then, the students rotated through seven centers; eating fry bread and beef jerky, making and decorating several crafts such as canoes, headdress, navajo rugs, bear rattles, and a dictionary with Native American terms.  Thank you to the many parents in the audience for attending the play and several who stayed to help with the centers.  It was a BIG success and the students had a blast.  Tomorrow they will give oral reports on the mini Native homes they constructed at home and brought in today for observation.    

4/5th Grade - Mrs. Vickery's class celebrated Dr. Seuss' 114th birthday by reading to the 1st grade students.  

4-5th reading to 1st     4-5th Reading to 1st

4/5th Grade - In preparation for the fourth and fifth grade field trip to Young Ameritowne (YA), interviews for YA positions were conducted by 8th grade students.

4-5th Young Ameritowne Interviews     4-5th Young Ameritowne Interviews

Elective of the week - In the open wood shop elective, students research, design and build their own woodworking project from scratch. With the guidance from Mr. Dunbar, students have built fully functional skateboards, skateboard ramps, walking staffs, small tables, and headphone stands. This elective is open to all middle school students, regardless of their previous experience or ability.

Woodworking Elective


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