Weekly Plans

8th Grade

 If you missed a day, you MUST come and talk to me/email me once you return to school to get your missing work. 

Wednesday/Thursday April 24/25
Write in-class essay comparing and contrasting Apartheid and the Civil Rights Era/Jim Crow laws
Second part of class: Start Of Mice and Men unit. 
Background: Dust Bowl, Depression, John Steinbeck
Get vocab for part one: link here
HW: Read Chapters 1 and 2 for class on Monday. One vocab activity due Monday. 

Monday April 29th
Chapter 1 and 2 picture quiz
Assign writing assignment #1: see requirement page here
HW: Read chapter three. Work on Writing Assignment #1 (due Friday). Study for vocab test tomorrow.

Tuesday April 30th
Vocab test
Review different levels of annotating
Annotate quotes from chapter 1 -- see me for this sheet, there's no digital copy.
New vocab-- part two vocab list
Introduce and begin writing assignment #2 -- Due at the end of class on Monday

HW: Read chapter 4 & 5 Keep working on your writing assignment #1 (but it should really be finished by now). One vocab activity due tomorrow before testing. Review vocab for test on Monday next week. Start writing assignment #2. 

Wednesday May 1
MAPS testing

Thursday: Middle school olympics

Friday May 3
Due: Writing assignment #1
MAPS testing
HW: Finish the book by Monday. Get ready for vocab test on Monday. Work on Writing assignment #2 if you don't think you can finish it in class on Monday (it's a split block).

Monday May 6
Mrs. O'Connor out-- at Sea Camp!
Vocab test for part 2
Introduce final assignment for Of Mice and Men
Work time for writing assignment 2-- due at the end of class

Tuesday May 7
Mrs. O'Connor still out!
Reflection on the end of the book-- independent writing + in class discussion
Work time for the final test you're writing

Wednesday-Friday: You're at Snow Mountain Ranch! Yay!

Monday May 13th
Continue theme discussion from OMaM now that we've finished the book
HW: Continue working on the final project

Tuesday May 14th
Science Innovation Day-- No Class

Wednesday May 15th
Work time for final project
Test due next class (Thursday)

Thursday May 16th
Test is due! 
Nature poetry activity outside! 

Friday May 17th:
Finish and turn in your nature poem
Book of the quarter is due!!
Review of the year!
HW: Get permission slip signed to watch "Of Mice and Men" on Monday

Monday May 20th
Watch Of Mice and Men with all eighth grade
Start to clean out your lockers and return materials

Tuesday May 21st
Say goodbye! 
Clean out lockers, review the year for Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. O'Connor's class