Elective Descriptions

Elective Classes and Descriptions - Electives Change Quarterly

3D Printing Elective (Meets for one full semester) Did you ever have the desire to invent something?  How would you create the first prototype? Did you know the astronauts on the International Space Station are able to build replacement parts while in orbit? What is additive manufacturing?  Learn how to design and build your own inventions in our Tech Lab using our own 3D Printers. The typical sequence is to progress through the work flow in an orderly manner, which would normally be: Design ->Edit->Slice->Build.  Come to 3D Printing and discover how to do it from the master, our community volunteer Mr. Jeff Zepp, owner of American 3D printing here in Evergreen, CO!

Academic Success- On Wednesday's students will begin in Academic Success where they can seek support from their teachers.  If their homework assignments are caught up and grades in good standing, they will have the option to join one of the 'Fun Times' electives.  

Beading - Students will get to make necklaces, bracelets and earrings using beads!

Board Games - Students can bring in board games to play during this elective!

Book Club- Opportunity to read your favorite book and then deepen your understanding by sharing and discussing different aspects with a group.

Bucket drumming- to explore an art form that street performers (“buskers”) have been developing for decades. This elective gives students a chance to get creative (and groovy!) by exploring the variety of unique sounds and rhythms they can make with five-gallon buckets, as well as other everyday objects. RMAE’s bucket drummers work together as an ensemble to improvise, create, and perform complementary rhythms. Bucket drumming goes beyond reinforcing students’ sense of rhythm and percussion technique; it requires students to develop their own definition of what music truly is.

Cake Decorating- Opportunity to show your artistic ability decorating cookies, cupcakes and sometimes cakes! Lear more about being a cake decorator!

Catapults students will be making a tabletop catapult ( actually a trebuchet). This will an introduction to woodworking with no previous experience necessary. Students will be able to take home their catapults at the end of the elective.  

Crocheting-- Students will learn how to crochet, read patterns, and create. We'll be working on different service projects throughout the year that involve crocheting.

Elk Meadow Adventures - In this elective, we will utilize Elk Meadow in a variety of ways. We will hike, play camouflage, practice mindfulness, clean up the space, and create art using the Meadow as inspiration.

Folk/line dancing;We'll learn various circle and line dances, and maybe even a square dance or two. This elective is definitely one that's more fun with more students!

Free Draw and Watercolor Painting - In this elective students will have an opportunity to work on passion projects (things they want to draw or paint) in drawing and watercolor painting. Students are expected to be working on art while in the elective.

Frisbee - Students in this elective will learn the rules of Ultimate Frisbee and play the game in large and small groups. This elective will get students moving and help them with teamwork and problem solving!

Gardening-- working with the students to get the green house we have on campus up and functional. The end goal is to grow vegetables and herbs. Greenhouse Gardening students will be focused on jump starting the RMAE Greenhouse. Plant selection will be student driven and primarily focused around different types of vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Geocaching -  Using our iPhones, we'll locate geocaches in Elk Meadow Park.

Girls sports - inside/outside (weather dependent)In girls sports, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls will participate in a variety of indoor and outdoor games and sports. Providing a space for just girls gives us a chance to build confidence, reach outside of our comfort zones, and enhance camaraderie in the middle school.

Grillin' and Chillin' for Middle School Learn the fine art of cooking on a gas grill while enjoying the company of your Middle School classmates and the awesome view of Bergen Peak.  Students determine the weekly menu and choice of Grillin' tunes. Meets once weekly. All students will take turns providing food and food service items for this elective.  Historic favorites are: Burgers, BBQ Ribs, BBQ Chicken Legs, Hot Wings, BBQ Smoked Ribs, Brats, and even good ole Hot Dogs.

Hiking - Enjoy hiking around beautiful Elk Meadow.  Don't forget to wear comfortable walking shoes

Intermediate Painting Landscapes with Acrylics:Students who were in Painting Landscapes with Acrylics 1st Quarter  can continue in this elective class. Each student will make their own unique painting. Please come to the first class with some photos of landscapes from places you have been.

LEGOs - This elective will give students a chance to plan and build different things based on specified challenges. We will also try to participate in the LEGO Ideas contest.

Linoleum Block Printmaking: In this elective students will learn how to carve a recessed image into a soft linoleum block which can then be inked and printed onto paper or fabric. We will experiment with different techniques that can be done to further enhance the prints once they are made, making each print one of a kind. Each linoleum block can be carved on both sides so students will have an opportunity to make two different prints.

Magic Tricks with Cards and Card Games:  Discover all the tricks and games you can play with a deck of cards!

MathCounts! - Engaging math programs are provided to students of all ability levels to build confidence and improve math and problem solving skills.  In the spring, an RMAE team completes in the MathCounts competition against students from other public and private area schools.

Origami:   Folding paper is relaxing!  Come learn a variety of origami techniques.

Outdoor activities: students decide weekly the activity

Painting Landscapes with Acrylics - In this elective class each student will go through the steps of planning and making a landscape painting. Mrs. Pumphrey will share her color mixing and painting techniques with students. Each student will make their own unique painting while Mrs. Pumphrey demonstrates on her own painting. Please come to the first class with some photos of landscapes from places you have been. STUDENTS WILL WORK ON ONE LONG TERM PAINTING DURING THE ELECTIVE

Preschool - Students in this elective will go to The Learning Center of Evergreen preschool and work with the students on activities that supplement their curriculum.

Recycled Wood-butchering Art Elective Description:The goal of this elective will be to create your own artistic “sculptural” creations from recycled Christmas tree trunks and branches, scraps of found dead wood from your own property, and rough cut wood pieces of dead wood provided.  The sculptural creations will be entirely of your own design. The works that I observed were small enough to fit on a bookshelf. However, the scale of your projects will be determined by the resources you are able to provide, the strength of your back to transport the final product, and the willingness of your parents to house the finished products.  The wood parts will be assembled using wood glue, screws, and/or nails. Other materials that students are allowed to bring to school for the assembly of the sculptures are clamps and ropes to hold the parts together while the glue dries.

Sewing: Learn basic stitches and make a pouch. We will be stitching by hand (no sewing machines here!) We'll work with recycled fabric to create new and interesting objects. Beginners and experienced sewers are welcome!

Sign Language:  Learn beginner sign language, the universal language!

Slooh Virtual Astronomy Elective Have you ever been clouded out just as you were about to view that once-in-a-lifetime transit of a Galilean moon across the face of Jupiter?  Have you ever wished you had a view of the southern hemisphere night sky? Slooh provides real-time viewing and control of robotic telescopes, including seven telescopes situated at its flagship observatory, at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands, one of the world’s top observatory sites, and three telescopes based in Santiago, Chile, offering complementary views of the southern skies.  Join our Slooh Virtual Astronomy Elective and join the fun. Meets once weekly.

Sports & Healthy Eating: Play 10 different sports throughout the quarter. During each class students will be assigned to bring a healthy Snack for all students. Learn new sports and healthy recipes!

Stock Market Game Elective You hear and read about it every day in the news.  You even learn about the historic crash in History Class.  It’s the Stock Market! Have you ever thought about trying your hand at it?  Here’s your chance. You will join a team of your classmates and see what kind of well-diversified stock portfolio you can assemble.  Then you will track it over the term of our elective and see how your portfolio performs. Regardless of the outcome, you are guaranteed to exercise your minds and learn from the experience.

Stop motion (must have a personal device to use) For this elective, students will learn what stop motion animation is and practice making short films through a variety of mediums (clay, drawing, people, etc.). Students must have their own device - i.e. phone, tablet, or camera - and sign an agreement regarding the use of this device for the purposes of stop motion.  

Trail Running/Hiking - We will learn about trail etiquette while running or hiking on a trail.  We will learn how to pace ourselves when running on trails. Mostly, we will enjoy being outside in Elk Meadow!

Watercolor - Discover your inner artist by painting using watercolors.  

Watercolor: Relax and unwind with watercolors in the afternoon. Beginners and experienced artists are welcome. The only requirement is a positive attitude!

Welding and Woodworking students will learn about the fundamentals of these two crafts. This is an introductory class with no prior experience needed. Students will work on several smaller projects to hone skills, and may have the chance to work on a group project that benefits the school.

Yearbook-- Students will work together to create the yearbook for the school.

Yoga/mindfulness-- Students will learn the art of settling their minds through yoga, meditation, self care, and problem solving.

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