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Dress code clothing may be purchased from a variety of vendors on the internet as well as at local department stores such as Lands End, Target, French Toast, Old Navy, Justice, Children’s Place, and Walmart. Our PTO stores some used, donated dress code clothing off site.  This resource is offered at no cost.  Please check with the main office staff for their contact information. 

Any questions regarding the dress code should be directed to the Principal.  


  • All clothing must be neat, clean, and in a condition of good repair.

  • Outdoor coats/jackets may not be worn in the classrooms.  You may want to consider purchasing approved sweaters, vests, sweatshirts, or other warm clothing items for colder days.


All references to shirts apply to both male and female students.

  • Shirts must be solid red, white, navy or hunter green. Solid colors only, no stripes, patterns, lacing, piping, or sheer fabrics

  • Middle school students only will be allowed a wine color option in addition to red, white, navy and hunter green.

  • Shirts may be long, short or ¾ length sleeved. Sleeveless and capped sleeved shirts are not allowed.

  • All shirts must have a collar, of the same color as the shirt.

  • All K-8 students are required to purchase one red, short sleeve, polo shirt with an embroidered school logo for field trip and special event purposes, such as Veteran’s Day celebrations, special guest visits to the school, etc.

  • Any lace or piping on shirts must be the same color as the shirt. No emblems, except the school logo.

  • No mesh shirts, tight fitting shirts, spaghetti straps, or peasant style. Shirts must be long enough to be tucked in.


All references to pants apply to both males and female students.

  • Pants must be navy or true-khaki “uniform” color.

  • Pants must be twill, chino, polyester or corduroy. No spandex or Lycra.

  • No sagging, bagging or dragging pants will be allowed. Girls may wear Capri-style pants if purchased from the approved dress code selections.

  • No leggings may be worn instead of pants.


All references to shorts apply to both males and female students.

  • Shorts must be navy or true-khaki “uniform” color.

  • Shorts must be twill, chino, polyester or corduroy. No spandex or Lycra.

  • Shorts must be mid-thigh in length or longer. No sagging, bagging or dragging shorts.

  • Shorts, including the side slit, must be longer than the student's longest fingertip when their arms are fully extended at their side and the shorts are worn above the hips.  Shorts must be shorter than the bottom of the knee cap.  No sagging, bagging or dragging shorts.


  • Dresses/Skorts/Jumpers/Skirts must be navy, true-khaki, or school plaid color.

  • Dresses/Skorts/Jumpers/Skirts must be twill, chino, polyester, corduroy or knit stitch material. No spandex or Lycra.

  • Appropriate undergarments must be worn when wearing a dress. Shorts must be worn under jumpers, dresses and skirts on Physical Education days.

  • Dresses/Skorts/Jumpers/Skirts must be mid-thigh to knee-high in length

  • Dresses/Skorts/Jumpers/Skirts, including the side slit, must be longer than the student's longest fingertip when their arms are fully extended at their side and the shorts are worn above the hips.  Dresses/Skorts/Jumpers/Skirts must be shorter than the bottom of the knee cap.


All references to these items apply to both males and female students.

  • Sweaters/Vests/Cardigans/Sweatshirts may be navy, white, Khaki, hunter green or red solid colors. Spirit Wear Sweatshirts must be in these exact colors to be worn on non-spirit days.

  • Style may be v-neck; turtleneck or mock turtleneck or rounded neck. Cable sweaters are allowed if the sweater is a solid color.

  • All items mentioned in this section must be worn with an approved collared shirt.

  • Hoods on these items are permitted.

  • The only writing/picture allowed is an RMAE approved logo or RMAE Grizzly.

  • No oversized garments are allowed in the classroom.


  • Shoes must have a closed toe and heel. The heel should not exceed 2 inches in height. No clogs, mules, shoes with wheels, slides or sandals.

  • K-5 snow boots must be worn on snowy days with a change of shoes for the classroom.

  • Sneakers or appropriate closed toed shoes should be worn for PE.

Socks, Pantyhose, Tights

  • Colors for socks and tights are red, white, khaki, hunter green and navy blue. All socks and tights must be plain with no emblems, designs or embellishment. Pantyhose may be flesh colored, beige, white, hunter green, or navy blue. Pantyhose may not have a seam, design or any other type of adornment.

  • Socks, tights, or pantyhose must be worn with all shoes and boots.


  • All students are encouraged to wear belts but are not required.

Body Piercing

  • No visible body piercing other than in the ear will be allowed.  No tongue rings/bars, nose rings, chin, eyebrow or lip rings are allowed.  No gauge earrings allowed.  No visible tattoos.


  • Hair must be neat and properly maintained, not disruptive to the learning environment. 

  • No extreme fads, hair hanging in the face, gang-related haircuts, hairnets or hair stenciling is allowed.

  • No unnatural hair coloring, such as green or orange is allowed. Head bands, barrettes, scrunchies are all permitted.


  • Cosmetics must be conservative (i.e. no black lipstick or extreme makeup of any type will be allowed).

Recess Clothing

  • Weather appropriate, outdoor clothing must be provided. RMAE students are outside every day in all types of weather and are expected to have appropriate outerwear for all weather conditions. Any type of winter jacket or coat is acceptable.

Physical Education

  • Appropriate Physical Education clothing will be worn for scheduled outdoor activities as specified by the instructor.  Dress in weather appropriate clothing, i.e. on cold, snowy days wear jacket, gloves, hat, warm pants, snow boots or appropriate footwear.


  • Clothes must fit appropriately so as not to expose undergarments.

  • Clothing must be sufficiently opaque so that undergarments are not easily seen through them.  Undergarments must be of muted colors.


  • Dress code violations will result in a phone call home and an opportunity to have the proper school attire brought to the student.  An RMAE shirt will be issued to the student until proper dress code attire can result.  The cleaned RMAE shirt will be returned by the student to the main office. Violations of dress code by middle school students will result in a student losing the privilege of a Free Dress Friday.


  • Exceptions to the dress code policy are:  special event days that have been prescheduled and published and/or students who are participating in scouting programs are permitted to wear their scouting uniforms on meeting days.

  • Special event days may include, but are not limited to, Spirit day and Free Dress day. These days will be published in the calendar and/or the weekly newsletter from the office. Students may wear RMAE Spirit T-Shirt with dress code pants, shorts, skirts, for Spirit days. If not wearing the RMAE Spirit T-Shirt, then the dress code must be followed.  Spirit Wear is available through the RMAE PTO.

  • Students may wear tasteful and appropriate clothing on Free Dress days.  Students wearing clothing deemed inappropriate by the school Principal or teacher will have their parents contacted. Parents will be responsible for bringing an appropriate change of clothing to school. Please refer to the Jeffco Code of Conduct for additional guidelines.

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