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Middle School Q2 Elective Descriptions

Yearbook: We are looking for a hardworking, creative, and driven group of students to help create the yearbook for the entire school! This is a year-long elective, so be ready to commit. We learn about design elements, taking pictures, writing captions, and marketing. (Enrollment limited to 12 students)

Stop motion - (must have a personal device to use) For this elective, students will learn what stop motion animation is and practice making short films through a variety of mediums (clay, drawing, people, etc.). Students must have their own device - i.e. phone, tablet, or camera - and sign an agreement regarding the use of this device for the purposes of stop motion.

Speech: Throughout middle school, high school, college, professional settings, and real-life experiences students will be expected to speak in a public forum. To better prepare RMAE students to confidently deliver public speeches and communicate clearly, we will teach them to analytically listen to a series of topics, research and write about the subject matter, effectively organize their thoughts, and elegantly deliver the perfect speech. Students select Speech for both Monday and Tuesday.

Woodworking -Students will design and build a project to work on for the quarter. After choosing a design (previous projects have included: skateboards, mountain bike ramps, tables, headphones, and ornate hiking staffs), students will learn the fundamentals of woodworking, craftsmanship and safety as they work build their project. No previous experience in woodworking is needed. (Enrollment limited to 6 students)

Intro to Philosophy-Moral Questions in Today’s Society: we will learn about basic philosophers and philosophical theories (Socrates, Plato, Peter Singer, ethical egoism, existentialism, utilitarianism, etc.) through discussion, videos, comics, and reading. We will then use what we've learned from these philosophies and apply them to issues that we're facing in the 21st century, such as the advancement of AI, right vs wrong, the justice system, and much more. Come prepared to discuss, debate, read, and have a good time.

MathCounts: Our approach is simple: we make learning math fun. We believe middle school is a critical juncture when a love of math must be encouraged, and a fear of math must be overcome. Our programs build problem solving skills and positive attitudes about math, so students embrace challenges and expand their academic and career opportunities in the future. Students participate in a regional MathCounts competition in the spring.

Stock Market Game- You hear and read about it every day in the news. You even learn about the historic crash in History Class. It’s the Stock Market! Have you ever thought about trying your hand at it? Here’s your chance. You will join a team of your classmates and see what kind of well-diversified stock portfolio you can assemble. Then you will track it over the term of our elective and see how your portfolio performs. Regardless of the outcome, you are guaranteed to exercise your minds and learn from the experience.

Card Game Strategies: Learn some new card games as well as strategies to win every time in this fun elective. Playing cards will be included. (Enrollment limited to 15 students)

Flight: Students will "scratch build" a DIY foam board glider. This project will require an eye for detail and an attention to safety as we will be cutting out our glider plans with an Xacto Knife. Students will be able to take home their glider at the end of the quarter. Note: Students may sign up for this class if they wish to work on their Flight project from 7th Grade Tech. Students who have participated in Flight before, and have completed their first build, may then choose another 1 sheet plane to build. Please direct any questions about Flight to Mr. Dunbar. (Enrollment limited to 20 students)

Math Origami - Learn the ancient art of origami! Discover the mathematical rules that govern how paper folding works. It's fun and relaxing.

Sewing: Whether you are a beginner, or have been sewing for years, this class is for you! We provide fabric, needles, and thread to get you started creating your own sewing masterpieces. We learn the basics of sewing and stitching, then will create whatever your heart desires! In the past, people have made pillows, stuffed animals, tablet cases, and Christmas stockings. If time allows, we will also explore other needle crafts such as embroidery and cross stitching.

Student Council: RMAE students will be given the opportunity to develop strong leadership skills among their fellow students by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. To accomplish this goal, students will develop a democratic forum, practice good citizenship, establish relations throughout the school, organize and participate in school approved activities, and serve to enhance the overall quality of the school’s culture and environment.

Grilling (add’l cost): Learn the fine art of cooking on a gas grill while enjoying the company of your Middle School classmates and the awesome view of Bergen Peak. Students determine the weekly menu and choice of Grillin' tunes. Meets once weekly. All students will take turns providing food and food service items for this elective. Historic favorites are: Burgers, BBQ Ribs, BBQ Chicken Legs, Hot Wings, BBQ Smoked Ribs, Brats, and even good ole Hot Dogs. (Enrollment limited to 24 students)

Creative Writing: Discover your inner writing self and join us! Students will enjoy writing on a variety of topics. We'll encourage and learn from each other.

Preschool: Students will both plan and implement lessons with students at the TLC of Evergreen preschool. (Enrollment limited to 20 students)

Trivia Bowl: This class is a fun and interactive way for RMAE student to re-enforce subjects they are currently learning in school. Throughout the week, teachers will work together to establish questions related to the subjects being covered in the classroom. Then, students will go head-to-head in a series of fun games, showing their extensive knowledge in subjects like social studies, language arts, math, science, current events, and pop culture.

3D Printing Elective 2019 (Meets for one full semester): Learn how to design and build your own inventions in our Tech Lab using our own 3D Printers. The typical sequence is to progress through the workflow in an orderly manner, which would normally be: Design ->Edit->Slice- >Build. Come to 3D Printing and discover how to do it from the master, our community volunteer Mr. Jeff Zepp, owner of American 3-D printing right here in Evergreen! (Limited to students currently enrolled in Q1 class)

Watercolor: Relax and unwind as you experiment with watercolor! To improve our skills, we will watch some videos of watercolor artists. All supplies will be provided. (Enrollment limited to 15 students)
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